If you want to get a medical treatment abroad which country would be the country of your choice? Will you go to Japan? Or will you choose European countries or USA?

Everyone should think about such questions well ahead before making any decision, based on what they can get in return of their spent money, time and most importantly trust. We believe that the best choice for our patients is Japan.

YES、definitely it should be Japan!

Four main reasons explain it why.

  1. Advanced medicine
  2. Relatively lower medical cost
  3. A tender-hearted and compassionate disposition
  4. High standards of services

Japan is the country with the most advanced medical technology in the world, but the medical cost in Japan is relatively cheap compared to other industrially advanced countries. Moreover, it has great number of doctors and nurses earnestly thinking about patients and treating them with compassion.

Why medical treatment in Japan is cheaper than other industrially advanced countries if its medical technology is one of the most advanced in the world?

▲ This is because of the national social insurance system of the country, which covers most part of medical expenses and as a result the patients’ share of medical expenses becomes considerably small.

▲ As we know Japanese are hardworking and diligent people. The size of its hospitals is big, but the number of its medical personnel, running the whole hospital, is very small due to productive management system, implemented in Japanese hospitals. This is another reason why medical services are relatively cheap here.

QWhy Japanese doctors earnestly consider every patient’s needs?

▲ This is because of the principle of being considerate, having compassion and feeling empathy to others, which is the part of Japan’s highest spiritual values

▲ Japanese doctors treat patients as their guests. If you would like to know more about their service spirit please check here.