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The process from arrival to Japan to departure

Medical Visa Support

International Medical Coordinator Services Guide for Overseas Patients

International Medical Coordinator Services of KENKOMAN

KENKOMAN Co. Ltd., having an extensive experience in rendering medical coordinating services to foreign patients and solid partnership with local hospitals, offers a wide range of medical coordinator services to foreign patients, who wish to receive medical examination and treatment in Japan.

1. We help you in choosing hospitals, which corresponds to your needs and diagnosis

We examine all your medical information in detail. Based on your diagnosis, your needs and requests we introduce to you three hospitals in Japan to treat your disease. After you make your decision and choose the hospital, we start working with the hospital on your behalf. We make an appointment with the doctor, make requests, and clarify things for you. If you cannot visit Japan to get medical examination or treatment, due to various reasons, we can provide from Japanese doctors a second opinion, which is based on the patient’s medical data. In case you would like to use this service you should provide us with all your medical and personal information. After receiving all necessary information, we make an appointment with the Japanese doctor and get second opinion regarding your disease, which we send to you by post.

Examples of our services

  • Translation of patient’s medical information and consulting with the hospital the most suitable treatment method
  • Obtaining from the clinic of all necessary information regarding medical treatment policy, medical cost, dates and times of consultation and medical treatment and sending to patients
  • Recommending three best hospitals. Making reservations at the hospital selected by the patient.
  • Obtaining second opinions from Japanese doctors on behalf of patients
  • Notify the patient of the results

2. Support from coming to Japan until returning home

After you make your decision to visit Japan, we support you in various issues starting from your arrival until your departure:

  • We help you find cheap and convenient airline ticket, based on your medical examination and treatment plan.
  • We assist you in finding hotels close to the hospital to make your daily visits comfortable.
  • We rent you free Wi-Fi to keep in touch with your family and managing your ongoing business. While staying in Japan, you can continue your work and business from distance.
  • We provide a free tour guide for one day for your sightseeing and shopping needs.

3. Support for obtaining medical visa

Medical visa is a type of visa, issued by overseas diplomatic missions to foreign patients and other accompanying persons, who visit Japan with the purpose of receiving medical treatment in Japan. To obtain a medical visa, you need a certificate from a medical institution about the planned medical services and references from a guarantee institutions in Japan. Our company is registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as “Guarantee Institution”. Detailed information about guarantee institutions in Japan you can find from the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For overseas patients wishing to receive medical treatment in Japan we provide reference letter as guarantee institution to obtain medical visa.

*Detailed information regarding medical visa you can find from the following homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Content of service – process until obtaining medical visa

  1. We examine information of our patients and accompanying people in order to issues reference letter for medical visa

2. The hospital in Japan decides to accept the patient for medical treatment or not

3. After confirming the schedule of medical examination, we send necessary documents such as the certificate about the planned medical services and references from a guarantee institutions in Japan

Please submit all necessary documents for medical visa, including documents we send you and the documents you need to prepare, to the Japanese Embassy in your country and obtain a medical visa. Detailed information on application and required documents for medical visa to Japan you can find at the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


  • Acting as a guarantee institution does not mean guaranteeing to overseas patients obtaining medical visa to Japan. Japanese Embassies and Consulates may reject your application based on various reasons. We cannot pay you back consultation and coordination fees received from you in advance even in such case of rejection of your application for medical visa to Japan.
  • There could also be situations when we cannot provide guaranteeing institution’s reference letter based on screening of your personal and medical information.
  • There may be cases when we need to ask you to pay separate fee for screening of your documents before issuing guaranteeing institution’s reference letter. In addition, depending on the case, to guarantee fulfilment of your obligations, related with your stay and medical treatment in Japan, we may ask you to make a deposit of a certain amount of money to our bank account.

4. 365 days 24 hour a day free consultation service on the phone

If you encounter any difficulty or problem during your stay in Japan you can get free advice and consultation on the phone any time of the day (365 days 24 hours a day service) in various languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, Uighur, Turkish, and Uzbek.

*Note: This service is available during 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. for all inquiries, including consultation on daily life issues such as shopping, sightseeing and other. In cases of emergencies, crisis and other difficult situations you can use our free counselling service between 7:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m.

5. Multilingual interpretation – translation

Translation – We translate to and from Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Uyghur, Turkish, and Uzbek. For the full information regarding languages, translation services and their fees please contact us. Due to overload in work and busy schedule we may use special translation agencies’ services. In such cases, including cases when the volume of translation work is big enough, we may charge special fees by informing you about it in advance.

6. Payment representation services

Majority of medical institutions in Japan do not accept the transfer of advance payment from overseas. If the cash brought to Japan exceeds one million Japanese yen it is necessary to file a declaration when crossing the border. There is also a risk of theft or loss of money due to unforeseen circumstances. Due to such reasons you may consider transferring your money into our company’s bank account as a deposit for your future payments in Japan. We can pay your bills on your behalf from this deposit. It is very convenient and you do not need to carry a lot of money with you. Your stay and medical treatment will be smooth and convenient if you come to Japan transferring the above expenses to our specified account together with payment of our medical coordinator fee. The remainder of your deposit will be returned at the end of the treatment. If the deposit is not enough to cover your expenses in Japan you will need to pay the rest.

7. Second opinion (why don’t you try to get Japanese doctor’s opinion?)

If you send us your medical information, we can coordinate getting second opinion from doctors of Japanese medical institutions (second opinion) and you do not need to come to Japan. This may be one of the rational ways in making decision whether to visit Japan for medical treatment. Please contact us if you would like to get more detailed information regarding this service, its procedure and fees.

8. Free mobile Wi-Fi service

Internet has become an indispensable tool in our life. Even if you are far distant from your home, let’s say in Japan, you still can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues if you have connection to the Internet. You can even run and manage your business from distance being in Japan through Internet. Mobile Wi-Fi equipment can provide uninterrupted access to the Internet. Having this in mind we provide to our customers free pocket Wi-Fi for the rent for two weeks. You will have an uninterrupted connection to your family, friends, colleagues, and to the world, while staying in Japan.

9. Our service for Muslim guests – “Halal Food Service”

We often hear from our guests from Muslim countries questions such as “Since Japan is not a Muslim country how about the “Halal” food in Japan? Do you have “Halal” restaurants? I cannot drink alcohol or eat any food containing alcohol. Do you think we can find “Halal” food in Japanese hospitals?

Please rest assured! One of the strengths of our company is well understanding of the practice and rules of the Islam, and ability to make feel Muslim guests’ comfortable and safe in a non-Muslim environment. We have been accepting patients from many Muslim countries for the last several years. Our multilingual staff from Muslim countries will make your stay in Japan safe and without any trouble in terms of food and religious practices. If you are together with our Muslim staff you may be confident and totally rely on them.

10. Service introducing an optimal accommodation

One of the significant expenses during your stay in Japan is an accommodation expenses. For example, if you visit Japan together with your family your hotel expenses may become too high, and your journey may not be as enjoyable as you expect. Another significant spending in Japan may be expenses for food. If you can manage your expenses carefully and wisely you can save considerably on accommodation and food. The amount you save you can use for traveling, sightseeing and shopping across Japan. We advise you to rent an apartment for your stay in Japan if you plan to stay with three or more family members for more than a week since it can be cheaper than hotel, more comfortable, and most importantly you can cook your own food. If you would like to consider renting an apartment during your stay in Japan please consult with our staff.

Services included in One Stop Service package:

  • Help to choose the right clinic or medical institution
  • Support in obtaining medical visa
  • Pick up at the airport, transportation to the accommodation
  • Pocket Wi-Fi free rental service
  • Three days medical interpretation at the hospital*
  • Free tour guide for one day for your sightseeing and shopping needs
  • 24 hour/365 day Call Center Service (Multilingual)
  • Transportation to the airport
  • Payment representation services

* Please contact us for detailed services such as second opinion (by Japanese doctor) and complete medical examination service “NINGENDOK”.

* Notes: Applicable only for the first visit to Japan. We will separately charge you for visiting Japan more than once with multi visa. Moreover, depending on the medical institution and treatment methods, we may recalculate our fees according to individual case. Please contact us for more details.

* Notes:

  • Service fee varies depending on treatment contents and period
  • There are cases when we ask you to transfer guarantee deposit to support you in obtaining medical visa

Individual services:

You can also combine the necessary services from 1 to 9. Please let us know as we will quote on request and estimate.

You can select our services from 1 to 9, based on your needs. After receiving your request regarding our services you are interested in, we will calculate our fees and notify you about it. For more information please contact us.

Payment method and disclaimer:

▲ All our package and individual services are rendered after advance payments. Although inquiries are free, there may be cases where you will be charged a preliminary survey fee for judging acceptability.

▲ Our services provide interpreter dispatch, support for obtaining medical visa, medical information translation and many other medical coordinator services. Thus, it does not mean guaranteeing healing or guaranteeing the introduction of medical institutions that can provide full recovery or treatment. In addition, we will not take the responsibility for medical errors of medical institutions or for damages arising from any accidents, including but not limited to road-traffic accidents during your visit to Japan. We strongly recommend you to obtain medical travel insurance before traveling to Japan. Please note that we do not have any intention to encourage or force foreign patients to come to Japan for medical treatment and use our services. It is you who decide to visit Japan or not. Therefore, please make your decision very carefully regarding choosing medical institution and our services.

▲ This service is based on the assumption that the information provided by patients and medical institutions is accurate. Therefore, if the information provided is inaccurate, there may be cases where the treatment policy may not be decided, or there would be no choice but to treat or respond differently from the original assumption.

▲ After visiting Japan, if new diseases or symptoms are found by treatment or examination, additional costs may be incurred. Also, if you are unable to pay additional fees, we may not be able to continue our services.

▲ In case of natural disasters, wars or other Force Majeure circumstances, which are outside of our will we cannot accept liability for delays or cancellations in our services.

▲ Please note that it may take a certain time until we start to provide our services depending on the rules, regulations, procedures or other terms of providers of medical, transportation and accommodation services.