① The patient submits personal and medical information

→ Please send your detailed medical information (reference letter from local hospital, diagnosis, symptoms, and CD, MRI, etc.) from the inquiries form in our homepage.

② As the first step of our One Stop Service our patients should pay to our bank account the first installment of medical coordinator and consulting fee – 100.000 (one hundred thousand) Japanese Yen. It covers services such as preliminary screening, finding hospitals, recommending three most suitable hospitals, making an appointment with the doctor, getting from the hospital medical treatment plan and so on.

→ We explain in a simple way important matters such as medical treatment in Japan, hospitals and their services, rough estimate of medical expenses in Japan, the process from arrival to Japan and departure to your country.

③ We search for you suitable hospitals and notify you about the results

→ We find the most suitable hospital for you and let you know about the treatment method, approximate time and the cost of treatment.

④ If you agree with an offer, we sign the contract. You pay the second installment of the medical coordinator fee in the amount of 500.000 (five hundred thousand) Japanese Yen to the account of our company

→ In some cases you may need to pay the medical services fee in advance

⑤ Support for medical visa

→ We provide you with the following two necessary documents for obtaining a medical visa: 1) Plan for medical examination and treatment, issued by medical institution; 2) Reference letter issued by Guaranteeing Institution. There are cases when we ask our patients in advance deposit to guarantee fulfillment of their obligations during their stay in Japan depending on the country of the their residence.

⑥ Reserve the hospital selected by the patient and make an initial appointment

→  We propose three most suitable hospitals for treatment of your disease. You choose one of them and we reserve the hospital and make an initial appointment.

⑦ You and your accompanying family members arrive to Japan. We meet you at the airport and take to the hotel

⑧ We discuss all the procedures with the patient prior to the medical examination / treatment

→ We introduce you with the rules and regulations of the hospital, the process of the medical examination and treatment. In addition, we introduce you with the Japanese culture, traditions and manners to make your stay in Japan smooth and enjoyable.

⑨ We take you to the designated hospital, provide translation services. Medical examination and treatment starts.

⑩ If you want we will guide you to popular shopping centers and travel destinations in Japan?

→ If you want to go to famous shopping malls, traveling destinations in your free time, our company will provide you with one day free guide. The fee is paid by our company

⑪ 24 hours a day 365 days free counselling service on the phone.
This service is available 24 hours a day for any emergencies, crisis and other difficult situations. For all other inquiries, not requiring urgency such as daily life: shopping, sightseeing and etc. you can free counselling on the phone between 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

⑫ When returning to your home country, we will help you find the most suitable airline ticket and provide transportation to the airport

⑬ After returning to your home country, we help you connect with your doctor/hospital on important matter. We help you get healthcare products from Japan such as supplements.

→ If it takes long to satisfy the request and requires complicated procedure, we may ask you to pay a separate service fee

* We tried to describe the whole process here in a simple and clear way. If you would like to know more about details of every step, please contact us.