Our Motto

Guiding our Clients to hospitals in Japan that able to render fast, high quality and reasonably priced medical services

How do we take care of our parents, brothers and sisters in case of their sickness and diseases? Certainly, we try to find the best hospital with reasonable price and good quality medical services rendered as fast as possible. Japan Silk Road Co., Ltd. builds its medical coordinating services upon this important principle. In treating every Client we approach at the best interest of the patients leading them to medical institutions in Japan that best match their needs, demands and hopes. Our staff always treats patients with this spirit in mind to satisfy their needs.

KENKOMAN Co., Ltd. is the government authorized agency that connects overseas patients wishing to undergo medical examination and treatment in Japan with Japanese hospitals and clinics.

KENKOMAN Co., Ltd. gives you genuine care, reliable assistance, and the best match of the hospital to your needs.

What We Do

• Consult patients on medical services in Japan
• Find for patients the hospitals that best suits to their diagnosis and needs
• Support patients in getting medical visa to Japan
• Provide transportation services: pick-up from the airport/drop-off to the airport

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How We Do

• I want to go to Japan to get medical examination and treatment, but I do not know in depth the rules, requirements and process of treatment in Japan
• I do not know where to start

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Who We Are

KENKOMAN Co., Ltd. is registered by Japanese Government and acts as guarantor for overseas patients, wishing to get medical services in Japan
Registration No. B-056

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Enjoy Japan

Illness is not just a matter of our body. Our spirit, mood and way of looking into the world is another side of the coin. Japanese rich cultural and spiritual heritage provides peace of mind and opens another beautiful look into the world.
Visiting Japan to get medical treatment could also be a great chance to enjoy the beauty of Japanese culture. During the visit you can enjoy unique and colorful Japanese culture together with your family members and friends. Let’s heal our minds and get free from depression and make precious memories that can last forever.
Japan is an island country with four distinct seasons and blessed with beautiful nature.
Japanese people are considered as hard working and diligent in all spheres of life. Particularly, kind and nice treatment of people is considered as the highest value. The spirit of treating patients like guests guarantees the highest quality service and satisfaction. While staying in Japan you can also learn many new and useful hints for your future life and business.

“茶道” [SADO] - Tea Ceremony, representing traditional Japanese culture

The tea ceremony SADO is a ritual service conducted in accordance with traditional style, rules and disciplines. It is not just drinking and enjoying tea. It is a ceremony developed ... [more]

The nature and beautiful scenery of Japan

What is your image of Japan’s nature and scenery? Is it Sakura? Mount Fuji?
Indeed, these are the best representing features of Japan’s nature. However, Japan has many other beautiful scenery and places. [more]

Being considerate, having compassion and feeling empathy to others is the concept of OMOIYARI

In Japanese medical institutions doctors treat patients with warm hospitality treating them as their own guests and using in their speeches special honorifics to demonstrate their respect to the patients. [more]

Japanese cuisine WASHOKU – enjoy it with your five senses

Japanese food has become popular all over the world for the past few years. Why is it? It is because Japan is surrounded by beautiful seas, suitable for various kinds of fishes, which makes abundant fresh fish. [more]

Without decoration, not flashy - Japanese houses WA NO KUUKAN

At first glance, it seems like there is nothing in the room, only chairs and cushions, minimum items such as tables and cups, others are air, green and quiet space of harmony. This is called WA NO KUUKAN. [more]

Momentum of bliss, heal your mind and body - JAPANESE HOT SPRINGS

Japan is a beautiful island country surrounded by the sea, and there are many volcanoes. There are many natural hot springs with various minerals in it, and there are many famous hot spring sightseeing sites, such as Hakone and Nasushiobara, which attract thousands of local and foreign tourists. [more]


We started selling supplements and cosmetics

We started exporting supplements and cosmetics directly to individuals and enterprises in small and big parties. We also started placing orders for manufacturing supplements with PB brands and exporting to foreign customers.

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