In Japanese medical institutions doctors treat patients with warm hospitality treating them as their own guests and using in their speeches special honorifics to demonstrate their respect to the patients. Let’s take an example of Ultrasound Examination. As you know a liquid – a kind of gel is applied to the part of your body to scan with ultrasonic scanner. In Japanese hospitals after the procedure the medical staff, being considerate to the patient, cleans the part of the body with a clean and specially warmed up material, without leaving any inconvenient or annoying footprints from the procedure.

If you ask a direction from policeman or passerby in Japan they try to show you the way or at least may draw a map to your destination. Sometimes, they even can guide you to your destination. There are countless examples of such kindness of Japanese people. If you ask the question why Japanese people treat you as kindly as it is their duty the answer is one and it is because of “OMOIYARI” – a concept of being considerate, having compassion and feeling empathy to others, which may come from the depth of their heart.