What is your image of Japan’s nature and scenery? Is it Sakura? Mount “Fuji”?

Indeed, these are the best representing features of Japan’s nature. However, Japan has many other beautiful scenaries and places. Japan is a warm and humid island country, surrounded by water, with over 70% of its territory covered by forests.

The population of Japan is about 120 million. It is one of the industrially advanced countries in the world. Japan is a heaven, rich to diverse wildlife surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries such as mountains, forests, rivers and seas. The Japanese have long been in harmony with nature and are taught from their young ages to appreciate the beauty of nature, and thus they have a sense of feeling the delicate traits of nature. We believe that staying in harmony with the nature could be one of the main reasons for the gradual development of Japan. Welcome to Japan!!! Enjoy beautiful nature of Japan and incredible sceneries able to give your body and soul peace of mind!