Japanese food has become popular all over the world for the past few years. Why is it? It is because Japan is surrounded by beautiful seas, suitable for various kinds of fishes, which makes abundant fresh fish. Moreover, rice is very delicious here. Vegetables and fruits, including food are consumed based on the concept of seasonality “SHYUN”, which is considered as important in daily intake of food. That is why Japanese food ingredients are carefully chosen considering the nutritional balance.
Japanese people strictly follow Confucian teaching “HARA HACHIBU ME”, which means “it is good to eat moderately, until you are 80 percent full”. The size of Japanese dishes are small and the food is also served in small quantities, however the variety of dishes are numerous. Japanese people enjoy seeing such a variety of foods, smelling their delicious aroma, tasting their lovely flavor, and feel joy and appreciation for such a wonderful food. Let’s taste together wonderful Japanese cuisine by feeling it with our all five senses.